Do you feel alone?

Would you like to share your problems with someone who cares?
Do you need a female friend to talk to, someone who will listen and understand your situation?


We have trained mentors with knowledge and life experience willing to support, give information and advice on a weekly basis.


women supporting women

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a supportive relationship between two women, one of whom has more life experience than the other.

What we do?

We can take some aspects of your life into our hands and support you to make changes needed to improve your life and that of your children.

Benefits of mentoring

The mentoring programme supports the mentees to become more self-motivated, it will increase your sense of self-worth and esteem: make you more self-aware, increase your skills in managing stress levels so that you and your children may have a better quality of life.

Project has three strands

Strand 1: Will focus on, developing a programme of life mentoring, focusing on the strengths wisdom, knowledge, skill and openness to new learning, of experienced women in the community. The second phase will consist of a matching process where the more experienced mentors will be partnered with women parenting alone.
Strand 2: Will focus on, the social, personal, educational, needs of women parenting alone with other experienced women of our community. This will include a capacity building phase, as well as an accreditation programme, where appropriate. An education programme will be designed in consultation with both groups.
Strand 3: Will build on the work of previous strands to develop integrated equality programmes for women of all ages.

The Mentoring project is twofold

  1. To recruit and expend our availability to prospective Mentees through an out-reach programme.
  2. To offer full training for all volunteer Mentors over a 12 week programme and full support and supervision after training, on a monthly basis.

Please contact us if you feel you can benefit from our services.

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