“My mentor is amazing and she is very honest”
“She is very supportive”
“She would bend over backwards for me”
“Having a mentor in my life has made my dreams come true”
“We have a lot in common”
“She gives me a lot of information”
“I have gained a great, true friend for life”
“I can give her a phone call if I want to talk”
“Being a single parent has been very hard but my mentor has been my backbone of support.”



“Life for me before I got involved with a mentor was full of dreams. I had great plans of what I would like to do, but kept putting them off for fear of rejection.

I felt I wouldn’t be able for them, as I had not much confidence in myself. Having a mentor in my life has helped me make my dreams become a reality. She has had faith in me right from the start, listened to me even on my bad days, especially when I found it hard being a single parent.

She has been my backbone for support, someone who believes in me and most importantly never judged or criticised me. I have gained in so many ways; I have grown to have a great belief in myself, no longer mentally torturing myself. I learned to gain self-confidence, self-esteem. I have achieved so much, my dreams have become a reality, but not just by getting a mentor; I have gained a great, true friend for life.”


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